WHY USE Mini Crystal Nail Shiner (Travel Size):

Mini Crystal Nail Shiner (Travel Size) transforms dry, brittle, and rough nails into well - polished, healthy nails that maintains its shine through nanotechnology while eliminating the traditional 3 - 6 steps buffer. Helps revive the natural beauty of your nails after several months of polish and nail extensions. Even in the hardest place to reach, our multi-functional design can be used quickly and efficiently covering every surface of your nail.

  • Uses Expoxy Adhesive; which means even if the glass breaks, the product will still remain together making it a safe product for children and the elderly.
  • Safe to use during pregnancy.
  • Great for Nail Polish Breaks to Revive your Nails 
  • Replace the common 3 - 6 steps for nail buffers, that makes your nails thin.