101 How does Magic Crystal® work?

Magic Crystal works by gradually wearing down the surface of the hair, using a process called micro-cuticle-abrasion. When first using it chose an area of skin about the size of the back of your hand and lightly glide the Magic Crystal in circles over the hair.  Ideally, you’ll use only enough pressure for the hair to move but so that the skin stays completely still.



The outer, cuticle, layer of each hair is much more robust than the cortex and cement within.  

While the cuticle is being worn away it can feel that for 20-60 seconds nothing is happening.



As soon as the cuticle has been removed, the rest of the hair disappears very rapidly. There's no plucking and no cutting. Each hair is ultimately worn to a fine point right at the skin surface. This almost eliminates the risk of ingrown hair because there is no skin for the hair to push through as it regrows. The fine tip also significantly reduces the appearance of regrowth compared to shaving, which leaves a large cross-section of hair to grow back.


The toughened glass surface of Magic Crystal is permanently etched with our proprietary pattern of microscopic bumps and ridges.  These are arranged in a unique design that provides the perfect surface for micro-cuticle-abrasion; allowing the hair to be removed with almost no pressure, ensuring the skin remains free from irritation.