Do I need to put anything on before using the Magic Crystal?
No, just make sure your skin is clean (e.g. no cream/lotion) so that the micro nano surface is in full contact with the skin.

How does the Hair Removal process work?
Our Magic Crystal uses Micro-Nano Technology that removes hair when you make circular motions on the area you want to remove hair, it slowly clumps and breaks the hair cells down similar to split ends without stimulating hair growth.

What is it made out of?
Crystal Glass (with micro nanotechnology) and Silicone embedded for support.

How long does Magic Crystal Last?
Whenever the hair grows back (normally 2 weeks) or whenever you like but don't overuse it in one go - rubbing and focusing on the same spot over and over) because our Magic Crystal helps to rejuvenate the skin as well and therefore if you overuse it, it would damage your skin.

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