Get to Know your Skin! - Its Layers & Functions

Hey There! Most of you know that the skin serves as a protection for the body, but Do You Also Know they are the LARGEST organ in the body?! Crazy right?
In this article we are going to break down the different layers of the skin, and explain its functions, to better guide us on how to properly nurture and care for our skin. 

Our Skin consists of 3 main layers, the Epidermis, Dermis and the Subcutaneous tissue. 


The Epidermis is the first (top) layer of the skin - the only visible layer. Its function is to allow oil and sweat to escape your body through 'pores'. The Epidermis is constantly renewing itself - getting rid of the skin and replacing it with new bright, healthy skin. 

Quick Tip :
That means if your skin is dull, you can try exfoliating your skin using: Scrubs, Sponge, Gloves, or even our Magic Crystal, to help achieve its natural glow. 



The Dermis is the layer beneath the Epidermis. It stores all the sweat, oil, collective tissues and vessels. One of its most important role is to help support structure of the skin in your body.  


The Subcutaneous Tissue is the most inner-layer of your skin. Its role is to store body fat, as well as act as an insulation to help protect the internal organs and muscles from temperature changes.  




 1. Drink Lots of Water!


2. Moisturize Your Body
Don't leave your body unmoisturized and dry because it will leave the skin cracking, and eventually tear. 3. Exfoliate Once a Week

We’ve talked about the different layers of the skin , now let’s talk about why everyone can benefit from exfoliating their skin. Exfoliation is a quick way to give you that goddess-like glow... Instantly! By clearing away the dead skin that causes your skin to look dull and lifeless, it reveals the bright, new youthful, complexion underneath. Our Magic Crystal also helps give your skin a gentle exfoliation - it works great on both wet and dry skin!


Thank you for reading, and Don't Forget to Stay Hydrated and Nurture your skin the way it deserves! Talk to you in our next blog post... Bye!

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