Why You'll Love Magic Crystal...
✔️ Reusable - no more hassle no more waste   

✔️ Sensitive to All Skin Types   

🚗 TRAVEL-FRIENDLY - Great on the Go  

✔️ Hygienic + Chemical Free   

✔️ Thinner and Finer Hair - Doesn’t stimulate Hair Growth 


Benefits of Hair Removal at Home

★ Have Smoother and Longer Lasting Results.

★ No salon appointments.

★ No expensive at-home kits or equipment.

Are you tired of all the mess and hassle you have to go through for smooth skin? Why go through all the hassle when you can eliminate all problems with one simple solution... Magic Crystal. 

  • Our Magic Crystal Glass Hair Remover lasts up to 5 years (a One-Time Investment)
  • Perfect for on the go or even a relaxing spa day at home


2 in 1 (Magic Crystal Painless Hair Remover)

  • Magic Crystal Painless Hair Remover (Micro-Nano Technology) not only instantly removes hair within 1 second but also...
  • Exfoliates and Rejuvenates dead skin cells for soft glowing skin.