WHY USE Micro Nano Foot File?

✔️  SUPER STRENGTH - Micro Nano Foot File can remove the thickest and driest of dead skin (callous) without over filing or removing the good parts of your skin.

Dry Feet 🍃 - Callous will come out as dust/powder

Wet Feet 💦 - Callous will come out as soaked dead skin

✔️  FEET SOFT LIKE A BABY's FEETMicro Nano Foot File instantly reveals your soft baby feet after 1 use. The surface of the Micro-Nano Foot File is the perfect foot scrub that removes dry skin (callouses) while exfoliating your feet at the same time! No Irritation. No Over Filing. Only Soft Feet.

  • Quick and Effective
  • Hygienic (no bacteria build-up)