For your lady bits?

Magic Crystal is a very effective exfoliator so it need to be used with care. The application of too much pressure or over-use with Magic Crystal can cause irritation.

On most hair it is straightforward to achieve the right gentle pressure that removes the hair without irritating the skin.

You should avoid using Magic Crystal on parts where the skin is particularly delicate or sensitive such as the face and the more tender areas beneath the bikini line. This is because of the need to use very gentle pressure that moves the hair around without moving the skin.

We have many customers who successfully ignore our advice and use Magic Crystal to maintain their preferred lady-garden tidiness.

These, though, are people with considerable experience using Magic Crystal to remove hair from much less delicate parts. So, yes, it's possible but definitely get a lot of experience on simpler areas first.

Magic Crystal works by gradually wearing down the surface layer of the hair, using a process called micro-cuticle-abrasion.

There's no plucking and no cutting with Magic Crystal. Each hair is ultimately worn to a fine point right at the skin surface. This almost eliminates the risk of ingrown hair which typically results from the hair regrowth from beneath the surface. The fine tip also significantly reduces the appearance of regrowth, especially compared to shaving which leaves a large cross-section of hair to grow back.

You should also only use Magic Crystal on clean dry skin that is not tacky to the touch. So definitely not after a long soak. Only apply creams, oils or lotions to your skin after using Magic Crystal, never before.