101 What is Magic Crystal®

Magic Crystal is a unique hair removal tool designed, patented, manufactured and sold exclusively by Secret Make-Up.


The active surface of Magic Crystal is pure tempered glass with a microscopic etched pattern that enables the removal of hair without cutting or plucking.  Consequently, Magic Crystal is entirely free of additives and coatings, presenting no risk of a reaction to chemicals no matter how sensitive the skin.  The surface is also durable, allowing it to be used again and again.  Depending on the amount of weekly use, with good care (a regular clean) Magic Crystal can be expected to last one to two years.


However, Magic Crystal is a very effective exfoliator so it needs to be used with care. The application of too much pressure can result in over-exfoliation of the skin.


Used correctly, Magic Crystal eliminates ingrown hair and reduces the appearance of regrowth compared to shaving.  The skin is also exfoliated leaving it feeling smoother and looking brighter.


No ingrown hair.  No pain.  No mess.  No waste.  No stubbiness.  Only smooth, soft skin.