101: As easy as 1, 2, 3…

If you remember only these three things about Magic Crystal, you’ll get great results:

  1. Only use Magic Crystal on completely dry skin
  2. Be prepared to wait a little, and don’t apply pressure
  3. See the hair move, keep the skin still


The first rule of Magic Crystal is never use Magic Crystal on wet or damp skin.  Ideally your skin should be clean but feel dry, smooth and not tacky to the touch.


The second rule of Magic Crystal is never press too hard.  Even when it looks as though nothing is happening (often the case for 20-60 seconds as the cuticle layer is worn away).  Magic Crystal is a very effective exfoliator and too much pressure risks irritating your skin before the hair that you want gone can be removed.


The third rule of Magic Crystal is that you need the hair under Magic crystal to move but for the skin to stay still.  You should only press hard enough so that your hair swirls around as you rub gently with a circular motion but not so hard that the skin itself moves.