What about the environment?

We work hard to ensure that the product has solid sustainability credentials. With Magic Crystal you benefit from:

  • No waste
  • No disposables
  • No creams or foams
  • No heating


Obviously, when replacing shaving or waxing it's a great no-waste alternative that prevents the regular disposal of wax and mixed-material razor cartridges. It also requires no shaving foam, no heating and no other disposables.

The majority of the Magic Crystal is pure toughened glass. We manufacture the surface to have a permanent etched surface, perfect for hair removal. This is durable and can be expected to remain effective for over two years with regular use.

These features combine to make Magic Crystal a much more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to waxing or shaving.

For safety and to assist with grip, the glass is bonded to a silicone layer. This greatly decreases the risk of breakage and ensures that Magic Crystal remains completely safe even if the toughened glass is broken. Unlike almost all razor cartridges, the Magic Crystal is also recyclable.