101 How to use Magic Crystal®

The success of Magic Crystal lies in the unique, permanently etched pattern that wears away the hair without irritating the skin. Click here for a recap on how micro-cuticle-abrasion works to wear down the surface layer of the hair without over-exfoliating the skin beneath.

The three most important things to remember when using Magic Crystal are:

  • Only use on dry skin,
  • Never use after applying a lotion, moisturiser or tanning product
  • Only use enough pressure to move the hair without moving the skin

Only use on dry skin

You should only use Magic Crystal on dry skin.  You should also avoid using Magic Crystal on skin that has recently been wet, or that is at all tacky to the touch.

If used on skin that has recently absorbed water, Magic Crystal will make too much contact with the skin, and too little contact with the hair.  This reduces the effectiveness of Magic Crystal and makes it possible for the skin to become irritated. 

When the skin is moist it swells and it becomes more flexible as moisture is absorbed.  We’re all familiar with licking the tips of our fingers to help separate the pages of a book or to open the top of a polythene bag.  Even a tiny amount of moisture absorbed into the skin will increase the suppleness of the skin and increase its surface area.  This is great for opening bags but not for hair removal! 

These effects of moisture make the skin much more vulnerable during exfoliation.  To make matters worse, moisture on the hair has the opposite effect, acting as a lubricant, which reduces the ability of Magic Crystal to remove it.

Definitely don’t use Magic Crystal immediately after exercise, after a shower, after a sauna or after soak in the tub. 

Apply lotions or moisturisers after you’ve used Magic Crystal

Similarly, you should not apply any lotions, moisturisers or tanning products to the skin before using Magic Crystal.  Not only will many of these skin care products have the same effect as water, making your skin more vulnerable to over-exfoliation, some will also clog the surface of the Magic Crystal.

Magic Crystal’s secret is the microscopic pattern of bumps and ridges that is permanently etched into the glass surface.

Moreover, some moisturisers and most tanning products can rapidly fill the gaps between these bumps and ridges, dramatically reducing the hair-removal properties of the surface.

Once hair has effectively been removed from the skin with Magic Crystal, you can resume your usual skin care routine. 

Apply only enough pressure to move the hair and not the skin

Magic Crystal is an effective exfoliator.  The application of too much pressure or over-use can cause irritation.  For effective hair removal you only need to glide the Magic Crystal in circles over the skin, using minimal pressure.

To work, Magic Crystal only needs sufficient pressure to move the hair under the surface without any movement of the underlying skin.  This is one of the fundamental rules of using Magic Crystal; only use enough pressure to move the hair without any disturbance of the skin. 

For most skin, getting the right balance of pressure is both easy and intuitive.  However, where the skin is very sensitive or delicate, achieving this balance can take experience and care.  Unless you have considerable practice using Magic Crystal, we recommend that you avoid using it on the face, on your armpits and on the more tender parts beneath the bikini line.