101: Dry skin only

You should also avoid using Magic Crystal on skin that is wet, has recently been wet, has been moisturised or that is at all tacky to the touch.

If used on skin that has recently absorbed water or lotion, Magic Crystal will make too much contact with the skin, and too little contact with the hair.  This reduces the effectiveness of Magic Crystal and makes it possible for the skin to become irritated. 



When the skin is wet it swells and it becomes more flexible as moisture is absorbed.  We’re all familiar with licking the tips of our fingers to help separate the pages of a book or to open the top of a polythene bag.  Even a tiny amount of moisture absorbed into the skin will increase the suppleness of the skin and increase its surface area.  This is great for opening bags but not for hair removal! 



These effects of moisture make the skin much more vulnerable during exfoliation as the swollen and supple skin becomes able to make too much contact with the glass surface.  To make matters worse, moisture on the hair has the opposite effect, acting as a lubricant, which reduces the ability of Magic Crystal to remove it.



Use only on dry skin.