Where to take extra care

The surface of Magic Crystal is pure toughened glass with a microscopic etched pattern that enables the removal of hair using micro-cuticle-abrasion.  Consequently, Magic Crystal is entirely free of additives and coatings, presenting no risk of a reaction to chemicals no matter how sensitive the skin.  

However, for the reasons below, we do not recommend using Magic Crystal:

  • On facial hair
  • Under the arms
  • On the more delicate parts in your pants


Magic Crystal is a very effective exfoliator so it needs to be used with care. The application of too much pressure or over-use with Magic Crystal can cause irritation. 

To work, Magic Crystal only needs sufficient pressure to move the hair under the surface without any movement of the underlying skin.  This is one of the fundamental rules of using Magic Crystal; only use enough pressure to move the hair without any disturbance of the skin. 

For most skin, getting the right balance of pressure is both easy and intuitive.  However, where the skin is very sensitive or delicate, achieving this balance can take experience and care. It's also tricky in places where it's not straightforward to apply a flat surface to the skin with even pressure.

Many of our customers do successfully use Magic Crystal to achieve their desired degree of lady-garden tidiness.  One or two baldies even use it to keep their heads suitably shiny.

But... unless you have considerable practice using Magic Crystal, we recommend that you avoid using it on the face, on your armpits and on the more tender parts beneath your bikini.

Finally, and we get asked this a lot, Magic Crystal and nutsack really are not compatible.